Country of Origin: Korea

MatriXell is the newly developed and KFDA-approved Lens Array Type Er:YAG Fractional Laser System used to treat different skin conditions such as dilated pores and fine lines removal via collagen heating with various pulse modes.

MatriXell adopts revolutionary lens array technology with over 700 specially manufactured small convex lenses to maximize uniformity and penetration depth of the beam through directing each lens onto each dot. In addition, MatriXell improves and extends the pulse duration up to 1,000us, which can increase the effect of lateral heat diffusion therefore transmitting the laser energy into the deeper dermis and maximizing the effect of treatment.


‘Features of the machine:

  • Various pulse duration and laser mode settings to maximize the result of treatment
  • Lens Array Technology to provide effective treatment
  • Contact type fractional handpiece operates in long pulse mode to minimize damage on the epidermis while focus the thermal energy on the dermis
  • Less painful and less downtime compared to other fractional lasers



  • Acne scars, smallpox scars
  • Dilated pores, fine lines
  • Birthmarks, age spots, skin ablation
  • Various skin lesion
  • Moles removal
  • Collagen regeneration
  • Skin tone improvement

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