This laser pigment removal treatment deals with all type of pigments to achieve true whitening and brighter skin, with the added bonus of a collagen boost for tighter pores and improved skin elasticity.

  • Effective removal of pigments such as melisma / acquired bilateral nevus of ota-like macules (abnom) / post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) / freckles / acne trauma pigments – The state of the art deep reach 1064nm wavelength laser light penetrates deep into the skin layers to break down those pesky ugly pigments.
  • Whiter, brighter and more radiant skin – In addition, laser pigment removal treatment effectively deals with vascular problem to reduce redness that arises from blood vessels. It will leave your skin noticeably whiter and brilliantly brighter, and get rid of redness whether it is caused by vessels on your face or by acne.
  • More elastic youthful skin with reduced pores – Laser pigment removal treatment also activates collagen growth through thermal laser penetrating deep tissue which will not harm your outer skin, but will give younger looking skin with reduced pores and improved elasticity.

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