Say Goodbye to Pigments


PICOS is the latest aesthetic laser technology that releases peak power with the shortest laser pulse duration. It effectively breaks down the concentrated pigment patches underneath the skin surface, without damaging surrounding skin tissues. As laser penetrates the targeted spot precisely and effectively, the contact between skin and laser energy is minimized, thus limits melasma recurrence.


New Era of Whitening & Pigment Removal

  • Effectiveness: Peak power is released in 10−12 second, effectively break down pigment patches
  • Safety: Photoacoustic effect limits thermal damage to surrounding tissues and avoids melasma recurrence
  • Comfort: Low treatment discomfort and short recovery time


4 Features of PICOS


  • Shortest Pulse Duration: Being 1000 times faster than traditional nanosecond laser, peak energy is released in a pico-second (1012 s). PICOS breaks pigment patches into shatter fragments within an ultra-short pulse duration, that will be easily absorbed by macrophage. Effectiveness also remains high for deep pigments (e.g. melasma and birthmark).


  • Dual Wavelength Laser: The two wavelengths (1064nm/532nm) can penetrate into layers of skin and tackle both epidermal and dermal pigments.


  • Photoacoustic Mechanism: Unlike traditional laser, PICOS uses photoacoustic mechanism to eliminate pigments. The use of focusing lens allows energy to concentrate on a tiny spot, which effectively breaks down the concentrated melanin without damaging surrounding skin tissues. It also minimizes discomfort during treatment, limits melasma recurrence, and speed up recovery.


  • High Peak Energy: Thermal Relaxation Time(TRT) of pigment is lower than 10 nanoseconds. Comparing with the nanosecond mode, the pulse duration of PICOS(150ps) is 100 times shorter than general Q-switched Nd:YAGlaser(10ns). With the same energy density, PICOS makes a more effective treatment due to its high peak energy and minimum level of surrounding skin damage.


Effectiveness of PICOS Laser Pigment Removal

PICOS can effectively eliminate epidermis & dermis pigmentation

Epidermal Pigments

Dermal Pigments
Solar lentigo, Freckles, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Seborrheic Keratosis, Café au lait spots, etc.

Nevus of Ota, Nevus of Ito, Blue nevus, Becker’s nevus, Melasma, Acquired Dermal Melanocytosis, etc.


Nevus of Ito:

PICOS 皮秒激光去斑 before and after - 手
PICOS 皮秒激光去斑 before and after - 伊藤斑

Nevus of Ota:

PICOS 皮秒激光去斑 before and after - 太田斑

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