1 stop solution 1 easy magical transformation

Everybody dreams of having whiter and brighter and right proportionated and bountiful collagenated elastic yet hydrated skin. Introducing Hydrating Contour-Lift Skin Booster, one solution to achieve:

  • Mega hydration
  • Whitening
  • Brightening
  • Pores reduction
  • V-Lift
  • Face augmentation
  • Break down pigment (*)

Total skin improvement, just like magic!


Precision control in your hand

We utilize state of the art precision injection machine which utilizes 5 needle point tip with pressurized delivery system can deposit content precisely on the desired depth and area spreading evenly.

Precision deposit system ensures even distribution for the natural look and feel even to your touch.

Renowned and Safe Ingredients

All the ingredients are FDA approved and known to be safe for usage.

Beautiful you never thought possible is waiting for you at Face Factor.


The liquid that fills up fullness and elasticity into your skin!

Hyaluronic acid filler injections, amongst other fillers, are injected into the desired position to naturally replenish and refresh your appearance. By the use of special intradermal injection technology, the skin’s moisture and firming function can be increased and retained. Effectively, wrinkles, scars, recessed areas can be filled up, promoting collagen regeneration and restoring round plump cheeks. Formulas such as hyaluronic acid filler injections can also be used to modify the facial features, such as increasing the root and tip of the nose and lengthening the chin, etc.


FDA approved


There are three compounds that are widely used – PLLA, CaHA and hyaluronic acid filler injections.

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