Detoxify the Scalp and Stimulate Hair Follicles!

Stress, genetic inheritance, overuse of chemical products and poor scalp hygiene could all cause imbalance in hormone level and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), eventually lead to hair loss. Dead skin and sebum on the scalp that block hair follicles can trigger bacterial infection, inflammation and affect the function of sebaceous gland, which result in excess sebum production, scalp redness, and abnormality in hair follicle function, causing the hair to enter telogen phase prematurely. Hair follicles blockage by excess sebum and impurities slows down blood circulation and limits nutrient intake in the scalp.

When testosterone in sebum combines with enzyme 5-alpha reductase (5-AR) in hair follicles, testosterone is converted to an androgen named DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT can lead to follicular atrophy, disfunction of hair cells, weakened hair roots and ultimately result in hair loss.

Treatment Procedure:

1.  Hair and Scalp Analysis
With API, a specialized hair and scalp analysis device, detail analysis will be conducted on the health condition of your scalp and hair. The analysis includes: hair loss status, scalp status, hair density, keratin of scalp, sensitivity, hair thickness and hair pore status.

2.  Deep Cleansing and Purifying
Deep cleansing of scalp to gently remove grease, sebum, residual chemicals and dandruff using scalp cleansing solution, to soothe your scalp and regulating sebum control.

3.  Oxygen Infusion
A deep scalp oxygen infusion with Oxylifenova stimulates blood circulation and promotes metabolic exchange, refreshing your scalp with a breath of pure oxygen for detoxifying, energizing and soothing effect.

4.  Hair-growth Essence Infusion
Using Dermajet to infuse hair-growth essence at a high velocity of 450m/s into the scalp with non-invasive and needle-free high pressure injection technology, helps to strengthen the absorption of nutrient essence and treatment effect. Nutrients can be spread and absorbed effortlessly, strengthening fragile hair and activating hair growth.

5.  LED Phototherapy
Reduce redness and inflammation by LED red ray phototherapy.

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